FAQs on conference programme and presentations

How long should my oral presentation be?

Presenters are given a 20 mins slot which includes time for Q&A.  Typically, a talk will be 15 mins plus 5 mins questions.  Presentations chosen to be keynotes will receive the same length slots.  

Will there be Audio/visual equipment at the conference venue, and what do I need to bring to use it?

Audio/visual equipment will be available in all session rooms including a session computer. Session organizers are strongly encouraged to collect all presentations on a USB flash drive before the conference and then to arrive early to pre-load these files and test equipment controls. This will help prevent technical delays during the session. Remember to bring your own laptop and connector as a back-up, as well as your presentation on a flash drive.  Software will be installed allowing presentations in either powerpoint or pdf format.

Where do I take my poster to present it?

Poster boards are 2.1m high by 0.93m wide, and large enough to take A0 posters in portrait orientation. Please print and bring your poster with you, there are no on-site facilities for printing posters (we can direct you to local printers able to provide this service if you contact us in advance at carbon2022.bcg@gmail.com). Sticky velcro tabs will be available on-site to allow attachment of your poster to the board. There are two poster sessions during the conference. Posters can be hung up the morning of the day before the allocated poster session, and removed at the end of the session. This way the posters will also be visible throughout the coffee and lunch breaks both days. The first poster session is on Tuesday afternoon (hence these posters will be displayed Monday and Tuesday), the second session Thursday afternoon (these will be displayed Wednesday and Thursday). Check in the online programme, you will see you have been allocated a poster number, such as "P1-57". The poster boards will be marked with numbers, this is how you find your allocated place.

Where can I find slot of my presentation in the program ?

If you want more details about the slot for your presentation, this is available through the website. Log-in (via the link top-right from http://www.carbon2022.org/) with your username and password, then click on "Programme" that will now be visible in the menu at the top. The full programme will be displayed with a search box at the top. Type your name in the box and it will just show the sessions that you are presenting in. Click on the session titles for further information. For more information check this video.

Will the program and abstracts be printed?

We are committed to decreasing the conferences environmental footprint. For this reason, the printed Conference Abstracts will no longer be available at the event. Conference participants will be able to access the Program via the fully interactive website. Participants wishing to have a printed copy of any abstract, etc. are responsible for making necessary arrangements independently. Extended abstracts will be grouped together into an electronic "book" in pdf, assigned a DOI and distributed to all delegates after the conference has finished, as a permanent record of the science presented at the meeting.

Can I print my poster in London?

Please check https://www.prontaprint-london.com. or feel free to search any other printing shops near the conference location. 

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