Data protection

Is my personal data secure on your web site?

Yes, please read more about the website platform security at

What data is Carbon 2022 storing on me?

Your personal data will be stored on the Dryfta website for the purposes of managing the conference. You have the right to see what information the British Carbon Group holds on you. If you would like to see the information, please visit your profile page on the Website or contact at This information will also be shared with the Society of Chemical Industry, one of the three parent organisations of the British Carbon Group, who are helping to organise the conference. The British Carbon Group will only be using this data for the purposes of conference organisation and will not share it with third parties, including conference sponsors.

What are the legal terms and conditions for using this website, registering, participating at the conference, being involved with the conference as a third party (e.g. sponsor)?

As a special interest group of the Society of Chemical Industry, the British Carbon Group is following the SCI Terms and Conditions for this C2022 meeting. These terms and conditions can be viewed

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